Preparing your Dog for the arrival of your child

Welcome to Good Dog, Happy Baby.


This website has been eighteen years in the making. It was that long ago that I wrote There’s a Baby in the House: Preparing your Dog for the Arrival of your Child, my first self-published book.


That had been in response to a string of disasters I witnessed when pregnant clients of mine failed to take into account the impact the arrival of their child would have on their relationship with their dog. The tragic result in a number of these cases was that within three months of the child’s birth they rehomed their dog because their dog, feeling displaced, began acting out in various ways and had simply become “too much.”


The sobering fact is that about 80% of dog bites happen to children under 5, that the bulk of those happen in the face and that the majority are inflicted by the family dog. If you’re saying to yourself “my dog would never…”, don’t be so sure. Make sure that your dog “would never” by informing and preparing yourself.


Aware of the almost total lack of resources available for expecting dog owners at the time I decided to write There’s a Baby in the House. Over the years I sold close to 10,000 copies and counseled hundreds of couples on how best to prepare their dog for their new baby.


In 2014 the good folks at New World Library decided to buy the rights to my book and republish

 a much-improved second edition as Good Dog/Happy Baby. Thank you New World Library!


It was then that I decided that it had come time to build an online community around this subject as well as the broader topic of dogs and children.


It is my hope that this website will come to have a life of its own based on my engagement

 with people like yourself all over the world.

To that end, on this site you will find:

• A Question & Answer section where you can ask me questions directly.

• A Forum where you can engage with others in the community.

• A page where you can register for free monthly conference calls.

• A gallery where you can share your pictures and videos of your dog and baby with the community.

• A page where you can schedule Skype consultations with me (or in person consultations if you live in the

   San Francisco Bay Area).

• A blog that I will continue to develop as time goes by.

• Information about the book Good Dog/Happy Baby and how to buy it.

• Access to a sophisticated video course on how to prepare your dog for the arrival of your child, which

  will hopefully be available by year’s end.


Join the community

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To find out more about each of these offerings please explore the relevant pages.


Lastly, on this site I will be providing an enormous amount of free information, help and opportunity for engagement with others around the world who are also taking the time to consciously prepare their dog for the arrival of their child. All I ask in exchange is that your provide me with your email address.



By joining our community you’ll learn:

• How to assess your dog to see if she’s‚ “baby-proof”.

• How to teach your dog to respect personal space.

• What to do if your dog doesn’t like kids.

• What to do if your dog is sensitive and afraid of being touched in childlike ways.

• How to keep your baby safe from other dogs

• How to help your dog build positive associations with the presence of your child.

• What to do if your dog barks excessively.

• And much more.


So again, please join the community!



Free Conference Calls coming soon


I will make myself available to as many expecting dog owners as possible by offering three free 90 minute conference calls per month. That’s right– FREE and I will be answering your questions live three times a month. No strings, no catch. It’s my way to connect with you and bring you into this growing community.



Skype Consultations


If you do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to schedule a consultation via Skype please click here.


The fee for Skype consultations is $60 for 30 minutes and $100 for an hour.

Contact for a Skype consultation



Blog Coming Soon


I will post here several times a month on a variety of topics related the smooth integration of your dog with your baby. You will be able to comment and ask questions, which will inspire me to write more posts directly related to your concerns.



Forum Coming Soon


A moderated forum to engage with others around the world who are also preparing their dog for the arrival of their child. I will be monitoring the forums and jumping in to comment or help out from time to time. I may also address some of the issues raised on my video Q&A page.



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Mike Wombacher